National Association of Property Managers


The National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM®) is an association of real estate professionals who know first-hand the unique problems and challenges of managing single-family and small residential properties.

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Why it is important that your property manager be involved in NARPM?

The same reason that you want educators who teach children to have a degree from recognized universities, attend inservice training and be current on the best uses of technology to effectively facilitate learning.

As a working mother, finding the best daycare was a top priority for me when I began the childcare search for my daughter.

Oftentimes when we recount visiting thirteen childcare facilities and calling another seven in the Houston area, people laugh at the exhaustive search.

This should be the same mindset when you begin the search for a real estate professional. Especially when it comes to the day to day management of your investment property.

At Evan Howell properties, we specialize in real estate transactions and property management. As a small family owned business, our reputation means everything to us. We pride ourselves in voluntarily participation in webinars and educational classes to further our knowledge and better serve our clients!

These questions are important in your selection of a suitable property manager when you decide to lease your home.

  • What is their experience in the industry?
  • How will they effectively market your property?
  • Can they detail the process of tenant selection?
  • How are evictions handled?
  • What is the process for maintenance and repairs?

NARPM provides resources for residential property management professionals who desire to learn, grow, and build relationships. They offer the training opportunities for property managers to discuss various aspects of the industry and you definitely want your property manager involved!

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