Hurricane Harvey &The Importance of Reliable Vendors

It has been a while since a blog post, and like the rest of the city of Houston I’m going to blame Hurricane Harvey. According to the Texas Association of Realtors Hurricane Harvey had $160 Billion dollars of infrastructure damage. On the managed properties, we had 42 roof leaks, 2 houses which flooded, and miscellaneous other issues that owners and tenants alike wanted addressed immediately. Understandably so, as the rain from Hurricane Harvey was the biggest threat to Houston and carried on for several days past the storm actually making landfall.

There were some other extenuating circumstances which also exacerbated the effects of the Hurricane: Road closures, Mandated Curfew, Strained Resources, and Traffic.

The water crested to beltway and consequently led to the closure of the beltway for about 10 days. Many auxiliary roads were also shut down due to flooding. This pushed all commuter traffic to 6-10 and Chimney Rock. What normally would take 15 minutes to make a 10 mile commute was taking 2 hours. This is what the rainfall made the beltway look like…

My husband’s business literally told him to stay home and work from home due to the traffic and amount of time wasted commuting. His work is a routine 10 minute drive away from our house.

This is where the importance of multiple reliable vendors comes into play. We organized the roof leaks in order of priority – larger holes more important than smaller holes – would be assessed first.

Contractors also advised that most Home Depots’ were running low on roof repair supplies. Another challenge to navigate which store had shingles and sheetrock in stock.

Once we had the contractor assess the damage the information was relayed via e-mail to the owner with corresponding pictures and a price estimate on approval. This was very important to obtain in a timely manner in order to allow the owners to decide if they wanted to file an insurance claim on the property. September was a long month but thankfully we had dedicated teams that were working from 7am until 8pm, 7 days a week in order to resolve the issues to protect the integrity of the managed properties.

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