How to Prepare your Home for Lease

Single-family houses are a significant presence on the rental market. Here are some tips to make your home stand out above the competition.There are three guidelines to follow when your prepare your house for the lease: inspect, repair and clean it.

Inspect the roof for leaks and general integrity. The roof is a big ticket item and easier to catch a small leak before it trickles down to an interior ceiling and causes sheetrock damage. The easiest way to do this is to enter the attic with a flashlight and check for the presence of water stains.

Prepare the yards by mowing, adding mulch, and trimming hedges. An attractive yard can add curb appeal to potential tenants.

Check all plumbing indoor and outdoor. Turn on all interior faucets and look in cabinets under sink basins to ensure there are no active water leaks. Turn on all lights and replace any light bulbs if needed. Replace air filters and date your filter with a sharpie marker.

De-clutter personal belongings and stow away personal pictures. Hide toiletries. Remove excess clothing from closets so they appear larger. Baskets can eliminate the sock and underwear storage dilemmas for smaller homes like the closet below. Storage tubs in the garage also make this an easy transition. Repaint or touch up holes in wall.



We take in so much more when viewing a potential home than just what can be seen with the eyes. Consider adding a light scent to your home. Nothing over-powering. My personal favorite are the glade plug in’s in “clean linen” scent.

Clean and remove any furnishings you are not willing to risk having stolen or damaged.

Contact the post office to divert any mail, this can easily be done online now.

Now your home is photo ready.

Consult with your neighborhood property manager to advertise your house for lease, handle tenant selection, and execute the lease!

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