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Bush Senior Gets a Service Animal

Service animals have now made a presidential appearance! Read the full story here.     If Bush was applying to lease a home managed by Evan Howell Properties we would ask: What is the specific assistive task the service animals […]

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Communication is the key to every successful relationship and business transaction. In order for communication to be a success there are four vital components: Sender/Message and Receiver/Feedback. Any time we have contact with a new customer, or vendor one of […]

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Property Management Steps

We have had some new owners join us this last month and one good question received was: Since I am brand to having my property managed, can you lead me through the steps? Good question! We created this infographic to simplify some of […]

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Frequently Asked Questions in Property Management

We have had many new customers finding us on social media wanting to know more about our company and business processes. Here are some frequently asked questions we receive answered. How does maintenance work? Maintenance is the heart of property […]

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Pets are a Case by Case Basis

According to the L.A. Times over 70% of renters own pets. LA Times Pet Statistic. As a home owner and investor directly involved in property management on a day to day basis, this a figure that is too large to ignore! If you […]

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