Bush Senior Gets a Service Animal

Service animals have now made a presidential appearance! Read the full story here.



If Bush was applying to lease a home managed by Evan Howell Properties we would ask:

  1. What is the specific assistive task the service animals performs?
  2. Can you provide documentation to validate this?

In property management we come across clients that are interested in leasing their homes with no pets, and we come across prospective tenants that have service animals. It is important to be educated on this industry issue and understand it from the Fair Housing Perspective as well.

Service animals are not considered pets according to the Americans with Disabilities Act and people with disabilities who have service animals are entitled to the same equal access to housing. Service animals are also exempt from paying any additional deposits. However, their owners are still liable for any damages they may cause to the property or to another person.

There are legitimate disabilities that require service animals, and there are individuals that take advantage of property owners that want to circumvent a pet deposit.

As seen on Ebay for $19.95

We can then ask a person to certify, in writing, (1) that the tenant or a member of his or her family is a person with a disability; (2) the need for the animal to assist the person with that specific disability; and (3) that the animal actually assists the person with a disability.

I’m not anticipating Bush Senior to apply for a home we manage, but if he does we will be ready!







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