Houston to Dallas Bullet Train

If you have visited Europe and had an opportunity to ride the Eurorail then you know how effective and convenient it is to travel via train across the large continent. Public transportation in Europe is generally considered more favorable than […]

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Why use a realtor to sell your home?

Let me preface this with some background on myself. My parents have been in real estate since the 1980’s in the Houston area. My father sold my mother her first house before they became a couple. As a three year […]

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Eviction Court Blues

The duties of a property manager require the ability to switch between tasks many times during one day. One of our most important job functions is tenant selection. In fact, I would argue that it is the SINGLE most important […]

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Home Repairs to Add Value

There is a lot of money to be made in the housing industry. Especially if you have built up a portfolio of homes and utilize a property management company to systematize operations. At Evan Howell Properties, we do this on […]

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Home Buying Representation

Lately we have been working with a great deal of clients interested in purchasing residential homes in the Houston area. Some of the clients have never owned a home before. Can you imagine the feeling? Let me paint a picture […]

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Reasons to Live in Houston

Texans are known to be proud of their state. Houston is the largest city in Texas and and the metro area is home to 5.95 million people based on the 2010 census. That many people cannot be wrong! Houston is one […]

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