Bonjour! Je suis Albert Schneuwly
I am originally from Switzerland. My life growing up was an international adventure. I was constantly moving. As a child, I attended schools in Basel, Neuchatel, Paris, and London. And in my adult life I have lived and worked in Switzerland, France, Hong Kong, and of course the US. I moved to Houston in 1984 in search of new opportunities. My background was in Foreign Transactions and soon I began acquiring properties together with foreign investors in and around the Houston area. Learning that my life experience would help others who were moving to the US, I decided to get my Real Estate license and joined Evan S. Howell, Inc. in 1998. I have a personal and intimate knowledge of European Lifestyles. I am fluent in French, German, Spanish, and English. Working with many European Companies and new arrived expats, I understand that the smoothest transitions are achieved when stay close to your roots while adjusting to your new world. I remember the challenges I faced moving to Houston. I can ease the stress by helping you find your way around Houston. Not only will I help you find the Home of your Dreams, I can offer guidance with financing without US credit, assistance with obtaining utility services and help you find International, public schools, or Universities for your children. I will help put your new lifestyle on the “fast track” by also introducing you to Houston’s finest restaurants, shopping, and of course, private Tennis and Fitness and Swim Club. I look forward to working with you and your family. Thank you for your confidence. Together we will minimize the challenges and maximize the enjoyment Houston can bring.

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